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"This kit is exactly what I needed to get my creative juices flowing and stay productive. Highly recommend!"   

-Simon C., Customer of Brainy&Handy 


Don't Just Brainstorm - Break the Mold!

A unique and innovative tool that combines cutting-edge brainstorming techniques with high-quality supplies, helping you to generate fresh ideas and solve problems like never before! 

Rethink Your Ideas with Our Brainstorm Kit Box: Where Imagination Meets Innovation!


    Product Information  

    • DELUXE 78 PIECE SET WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED—This unique 78 piece set has everything you need to make brainstorming sessions fun again! It includes 10 sheets of big A2 paper, 6 colored dry erase markers, 6 colored highlighters, 24 packs of sticky notes, 2 rolls of masking tape, 12 colorful magnets, 8 colorful dice, 1 timer, 8 unique brain trigger cards, and 1 premium carrying case!
    • Size: 20.3 in x 16.5 in x 5.7 in ( 51.5 cm x 42 cm x 14.5 cm )  
    • Weight: 10.2 lb (4.6 kg) 



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